Showcase your science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) projects on our platform and take it to a whole new level with our research and development tools. The platform where African Societal Values, Cultural Wisdom and Knowledge Heritage have a seat in the front row.


Intellectual property and copyright are very important ingredients to creative work as well as products or service design. We give you a way to make your work traceable and hold people accountable for infringing on your rightful ownership.


With Songai's technology stack and the methodology we developed you can take your research and science to the next level. Allow African wisdom to take the centre stage again. Apply our methodology to your work and see the fruits it will bear.

Promote Applied Africology

In Applied Africology, rather than trying to solve a problem as it would be in a different context, in Applied Africology we explore the given problem within its African context and may re-interpret or restructure it in order to suggest a relevant path to a solution.


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Songai’s unique business methodology uses an innovative approach to product and service design. We embrace the cultural elements that define and shape Africa and pan-Africa. We recognise the changing tides and combine Africolgy with technology and science to reach out to the global pan-African audience to create solutions that are uniquely African.

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